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Apolymantiki plus
Exterminations - Mycotonies - Building cleaning
- Retreading of Fire Extinguishers - Cleaning Products - Chalk


The company "Apolymantiki plus" based in Chalkida deals with disinfestation, mycicide, building cleaning, retreading of fire extinguishers and cleaning products. Our company's vision is to serve our customers and always strive to keep you satisfied with your purchases.

Driven by the high quality of our service and the value of the products we provide, we offer you catering cleaning products on a wholesale and retail basis. Specifically, our company specializes in the wholesale and retail sale of stationery, detergents and packaging for restaurants.

If you are looking for the ultimate cleanliness, nicochem products will delight you. In our store you will find a wide range of stationery for home and business use, and we offer both wholesale and retail. We are located at 32 Gazepi Street in Chalkida and we provide daily distribution of our products.

At "Disinfectant plus" we are always at your disposal to help you create a cleaning program that meets the needs of your building, while offering competitive prices. Our professional team is ready to provide you with high quality services and ensure excellent cleanliness and hygiene in your place.

Trust "Disinfectant plus" for your cleaning needs and cleaning products. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and services that will meet your requirements.