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Extinguisher refilling
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The company "Apolimantiki plus", based in Chalkida, specializes in the service of retreading fire extinguishers. We understand the importance of fire safety and protection, which is why we provide specialist fire extinguisher refill services to ensure they are always in top working order.

Refilling fire extinguishers is essential to maintain their effectiveness. Fire extinguishers are essential equipment for fighting fires and it is important that they are always ready for use. Our company has the specialized personnel and equipment required for the safe and efficient retreading of fire extinguishers.


At "Apolimantiki plus" we take into account the specifications and requirements for refilling fire extinguishers and ensure full compliance with regulations and standard practices. We use certified materials and high-quality technologies to ensure that your fire extinguishers will work flawlessly in an emergency.

Trust us for the retreading of your fire extinguishers and you will receive high quality, professional and reliable services. We are dedicated to protecting your building and the safety of the people who use it. Contact us today to discuss your fire extinguisher refilling needs and arrange the service that will give you peace of mind and safety.