This way you will clean the bathroom siphon of flies and odors

This way you will clean the bathroom siphon of flies and odors

Make your bathroom siphon smell clean and get rid of well flies in the easiest way.

Cleaning the toilet siphon is a very important task that we usually do not take into account. The siphon, in addition to the sewage it receives internally from the drain, also receives externally from the bathroom floor. The bathroom faucet must be clean because, in addition to being clogged, it can become a breeding ground for germs and smell bad. Also, the well-known bathroom flies, if you didn't know, give birth and reproduce in the toilet faucet.

Today we will show you two different ways to easily clean the bathroom trap

First, turn on the faucet so that enough water runs and the pipes are thoroughly cleaned. Then use vinegar or lemon juice (or both) to clean the trap more effectively.

Odor Elimination with Vinegar: Start the siphon cleaning by pouring 1 fl. vinegar into the siphon. Leave the vinegar to act without pouring any water all night.

Eliminate odor with lemon: If the odor does not disappear with vinegar, you can try lemon as an alternative. Mix in a bowl the juice of one lemon and 1 fl. hot water. Pour the mixture slowly into the siphon and let it act all night.

Once you're done cleaning, pour some fabric softener to make it musky, pour some water and you're ready.

If you see that the stench continues then ask us so that we can guide you with our special cleaning products at