Clean the house instantly with cleaners from Apolymantiki plus

Clean the house instantly with cleaners from Apolymantiki plus

You're at work and you're talking to friends about going out. Eventually you end up getting together in a house and even yours. You agree but realize that the Lord has left the house standing. Are you panicking? Of course not, because I will immediately tell you all the cleaning products that you will use to clean the house in the blink of an eye.

Are you ready ;;; Let's go!

Clean all surfaces with a damp cloth
Clean dust and crumbs from the furniture using a damp cloth. In case you haven't discovered them, there are microfiber cloths that clean all surfaces in record time. Such to use. And if the floor needs a little, use an old cloth, wrap it around the hand broom and pick up the many dusts.

Let's get to the hard stuff: kitchen - bathroom
If you've been cooking since morning and haven't cleaned the kitchen well, don't panic because I have the super grease cleaner for you that will make your kitchen shine in the morning and evening.

Have a freshen up on the floor chuck bam
If the floor does not have crumbs and does not need sweeping, proceed directly to mopping with the NICOCHEM floor cleaners that you will find in Apolymantiki plus.


General cleaning liquid with neutral ph for all washable surfaces as well as for daily use. It leaves no residue and does not need to be rinsed off. Suitable for use on floors, walls, countertops, marble and granite. It does not dull parquets and varnishes and does not affect the gloss on marbles and granites. With a pleasant lavender scent that lasts.

Let's go to the bathroom

Top quality foam cleaner for all glass surfaces, mirrors, crystals, but also for enamel, laminate, and stainless steel surfaces.

Gives shine. Enriched with anti-static agents to keep dirt and dust away longer! Keeps windows clean 2 times longer than common cleaners!

Ideal for :
windows and all glass surfaces in domestic & commercial areas
car windows
stainless steel. Available in 650ml

Bath salts
Mildly acidic sanitary cleaner for daily or periodic use. Protects sensitive chrome, nickel, quartz and enamel surfaces. It creates a film that allows the water to slide so that no scale deposits are created. Dosage per liter of water 10-100ml.