Bathroom Germs: This Is Their Favorite Spot—And What Spreads Them

Bathroom Germs: This Is Their Favorite Spot—And What Spreads Them

It's natural to want to avoid the germs that collect in your bathroom, and if you're wondering where they are, then keep reading

Germs in the bathroom: The place they... love

Germs in the bathroom are far more common on the floor, according to Joan L. Slonczewski, Ph.D., a microbiologist and professor of biology at Kenyon College in Ohio. "The number of bacteria present on the bathroom floor varies depending on family members, cleaning habits and how the basin is used. Immediately after cleaning the bathroom floor there may be as little as a thousand bacteria per square centimeter according to with, but an hour later there might be a million if the toilet has sprayed droplets on it while you flush."

And the floor is not only the largest surface of the bathroom but also the one we usually forget. Between the dirt we bring in with our shoes, the hair and dander we shed, and the residue from beauty products, it's no wonder why it's such a favorite haunt for germs.

Germs in the bathroom: The usual culprits

Some of the most common bacteria found on the bathroom floor are staph, which can also be found on our skin, and coliforms, which are found in our gut, says Joe Rubino, director of microbiology at RB, founders of of Lysol cleaner. Still in research, E. coli has also been found, one of the worst bacteria associated with human feces and which can cause severe diarrhea. A study in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology found that about 68 to 98 percent of the bacteria found in the bathroom were either skin-related or came from outside—while 15 percent were bacteria that came from feces. Worse, germs can be spread from hands or from the toilet flush, which sprays the water along with various germs quite a distance.

How to keep germs out of your bathroom

Since bacteria love moisture, it is best to avoid its accumulation. How can this happen; If the laundry basket is in the bathroom, be sure to dry used towels before putting them in the laundry. Also, prefer to wipe yourself in the shower and after each bath to collect any water with the mop.

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