Mold in the kitchen cabinets: This is the product that will make it disappear

Mold in the kitchen cabinets: This is the product that will make it disappear

Mold is particularly harmful to health and does not only grow in the bathroom. Kitchen mold seems to be much more dangerous. If you want to get rid of it once and for all, keep reading.

Mold is a type of fungus. It spreads through the production of seeds, which are found all over the interior and cannot be removed. This is because mold spores can survive in harsh conditions. When they find a wet spot they start to multiply, "digesting" the material they grow on.

Kitchen mold grows very quickly and through specific problem areas, it spreads and remains trapped in the walls. The seeds and the mycotoxins it releases are enough to cause our immune system to go into overdrive as it tries to handle them. The symptoms that can be caused by mold vary and can be from a simple rhinitis to serious skin or respiratory problems.

Where is the mold?
In the cabinets under the sink

At the sink faucet

In the coffee maker

In the dishwasher

Treatment with natural solutions:

Remove all items from the cabinets and check the interior with a flashlight. Clean with the appropriate vacuum cleaner attachment.

Treatment with the special cleaner from Apolymantiki plus:

Concentrated mold cleaner for all washable surfaces. Cleans and sanitizes surfaces due to active chlorine and special surfactants. Removes fungi and at the same time dissolves dirt and detergent residues.

Plus Tip : Be sure to keep room humidity levels at 30-50% using the hood while cooking.