Everyone makes the same mistake: Doctor explains what not to do if bitten by a snake

Everyone makes the same mistake: Doctor explains what not to do if bitten by a snake

A walk in the countryside or some agricultural work, many times may have unpleasant surprises in store. Snake bite is one of them and is accompanied by worry and panic.

More and more snakes are appearing in various regions of Greece. The upsurge in the snake population has caused concern while there are not a few incidents we hear of snake bites.

The director of the Emergency Department of the Larissa General Hospital, Mr. Dimitris Babalis, points out that this year there has been an increase in snake bites on people in the Larissa area. Recording these incidents in the city's two hospitals has become an almost daily occurrence. "The truth is that this year there is an upsurge in the snake sample, probably there is also an increase in the snake population. It was a spring with a lot of rain"

According to the explanations of Mr. Dimitris Babalis, it is necessary to take preventive measures to deal with the problem. The first priority is to cut down the grasses in many areas, as this will help reduce the environmental factor that has fueled these incidents.

"Most of the incidents, he adds, involve people doing work outdoors, so it's good to have boots, socks, that is, not to go to areas where there might be snakes with slippers, barefoot, etc.," he says characteristically.

Greece: Mr. Babalis advises on snake bite
All In case someone gets bitten by a snake, Mr. Babalis advises that "the important thing is that if they can see the snake, they describe it to us... and the most important thing is that they should not do anything except to go to a health facility.
Everything else that people do from rumors and propaganda is more dangerous than the snake bite itself... The snake bite which, except in the very rare cases of an allergy, is harmful over a period of hours and days, is not something to run away from in a second. So there is the time to do nothing, wash the source, apply antiseptic and then go to a health facility."

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